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News Events and Workshops  (Updated periodically. )

Faye and Santa
Faye with Santa

Faye Reineberg Holt photo
Faye Reineberg Holt


Faye in Banff
Faye in Banff

Faye Sale Book Table
Faye's Book Sale Table

Website Update

Thanks to webmaster Jim Graham at, Faye has newly revised event listings. Below are listings for community and sales events and workshops. Faye looks forward to meeting you at one of them! 

Book Sales and Signings/Presentations

Watch for future events since they might require pre-registration

Faye has adapted a number of her programs for elementary and junior high, so if you are interested in having a speaker come to your school, be sure to check out her new and revised programs on Programs: Elementary Page and Programs: Junior High

Faye’s new school presentation is Captivating Characters: A Writing Workshop (Grades 3 – 7). Check it out on the Programs: Elementary Page

Special Events

When Words Collide  - When Words Collide is an outstanding festival for writers, readers and writing-related instructors.  If you haven’t already signed up to attend When Words Collide, do so soon. The next price increase is not far away. This fabulous event for writers and those who love to read or would love to write sells out well before deadlines every year.  See:   


Anyone who has blogged knows that it is hard to get other writing/work done if you are working on a blog every week. However, despite whatever changes develop in the future, I am reactivating my blog. If you enjoy rodeo and/or fair season, and if you want special gifts for you volunteers or others who help make these great events happen, check out the link You will discover my option for saying thanks.


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